IBM to secure travel industry with analytics

IBM has unveiled new analytics software and services offerings to help travel and transportation industry mitigate IT security risks and address the growing number of advanced threats and data compromising incidents.

One of the largest revenue generating industries on Internet, travel is prone to different types of cyber attacks and data breaches.

The new technology from IBM leverages the counter fraud and security technologies and services to help hotel chains, airlines, car rental agencies, commercial freight and other industry companies assess their current security posture and resolve any potential threats or incoming vulnerability.

The new offering will use IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to create a unified architecture that will integrate security information, anomaly detection, incident forensics and configuration, as well as event, log and vulnerability management, IBM said.

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IBM’s Security AppScan software will enhance web and mobile application security. It also improves security program management while strengthening regulatory compliance, through Security Assessment Services and Industrial Controls Cybersecurity Consulting Services.

The new offering addresses six main security strategies: Understanding the current security posture and defining an incident response plan, followed by creating an infrastructure to protect critical data and enhancing visibility into possible flaws, then executing an approach to safeguard transactional systems and securing applications.

Moreover, if a company is currently under attack, the plan will include access to an Emergency Response Team, which designs and reviews current incident response plans, and gives 24/7 access to IBM security experts in the case of an ongoing breach.

The Emergency Response Team will also provide access to key resources that can enable faster recovery and reduce business impact from ongoing incidents.

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