IBM Quarks technology provides continuous streaming analytics to any device

IBM Corporation

IBM announced Quarks technology is now available to the open source community that embeds streaming analytics onto Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

IBM has submitted a proposal to Apache Software Foundation to request incubation of Quarks.

IDC predicts that the worldwide installed base of IoT endpoints will grow at a rate of 21.4 percent through 2019 to 25.6 billion endpoints with IDC expecting approximately 30 billion connections in 2020.

These devices will be enabled with digital sensing, computing and communications capabilities, giving passive objects a digital voice and the ability to create and deliver new data streams.

Developers and data scientists can use the open source code in Quarks to build new apps that can handle massive amounts of IoT data streaming from sensors, smart meters, mobile communications and other connected devices.

“As businesses require more efficient analytics for the variety of connected devices they’re using, Quarks can provide tremendous amounts of potential as a streaming analytics solution for the IoT. Its ability to integrate with a rich ecosystem of data sources, allows users to draw greater insight from more data with less work,” said Nagui Halim, IBM Fellow and Director, IBM Streams.

“By contributing Quarks to the open source community, innovation will move faster, and can enable businesses to move from raw data to insight-driven actions more quickly.”

IBM is extending the power of cognitive computing to the billions of connected devices, sensors and systems that comprise the IoT.

In 2015, the company announced a $3 Billion investment in Internet of Things and launched new global headquarters of IBM Watson IoT business in Munich, Germany.

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