IBM plans $100 million investment to expand consulting services

Enterprise IT vendor IBM is planning to invest more than $100 million to expand its consulting services capability to help clients with experience design and engagement.

As part of the investment, the company will open 10 new IBM Interactive Experience labs in cities such as Bangalore, Beijing, Groningen, London, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

IBM is planning to add 1,000 employees to create new, personalized models of engagement through data and design.

The new labs provide clients with the opportunity to work with researchers and consultants as well as experts in experience design, mobile and digital marketing.

IBM said these multi-discipline teams analyze business challenges and create solutions that integrate next-generation mobile, social, analytics and cloud technologies. IBM plans to open additional labs in the future to support the global demand for data-driven experiences.

Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president of IBM Global Business Services, said: “As our clients recalibrate what it means to engage with their customers or employees, we’re bringing them the full spectrum of design and IBM Research, book-ended by strategy consulting and our strength in Big Data.”

IBM Interactive Experience is developing capabilities to harness the value of data to help clients create personalized experiences, while IBM Interactive Experience is working with clients to develop experiences that are increasingly mobile-driven.

These experiences leverage IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio to take advantage of the transformational nature of mobile solutions.  The combination of these capabilities and design elements hinge on insights IBM converts from data — including information on individual decisions, choices, preferences and attitudes.

In addition to the 10 new labs and four existing locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Toronto clients can partner with IBM Interactive Experience teams in IBM Research Labs in 12 locations around the world to personalize their every interaction with consumers.

IBM also unveiled data-driven innovations from IBM Interactive Experience that help business leaders gain deeper insights into individuals and transform the way customers experience their products, services and brands.

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