IBM offers cloud-based insight services with Twitter, The Weather Company

IBM Corporation

IBM  launched new cloud-based insight services, the IBM Insight Cloud Services, in collaboration with Twitter and The Weather Company.

Besides Twitter and The Weather Company, IBM also used open data sets and business-owned data.

IBM said the solution can help clients cut through the noise of unstructured data, help turn streaming data into insights and change critical business outcomes across industries such as retail, insurance, and media and entertainment.

“Insight Cloud Services help clients create actionable insights from the noisy reality of the world,” said Joel Cawley, GM, Information and Insights as a Service, IBM.

“IBM is applying data science expertise and advanced analytics to exploit external data, find and connect the signals in that data to create new insights, and then deliver these insights embedded in clients’ business processes.”

IBM Insight Cloud Services are available in different forms such as IBM Insight APIs for developers, IBM Insight Data Packages for weather and IBM Industry Analytics Solutions.

Further, IBM said Insight Cloud Services have been tested and proven to support over 15 billion API calls per day with extremely low latency and high availability replicated through global deployments.

Separately, IBM said Octo Telematics is leveraging the capabilities of real-time weather data from IBM and The Weather Company.

The insurance telematics services provider Octo Telematics is using the weather data as a critical input to its driver behaviour scoring app Octo U.

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