What IBM Machine Learning does?

IBM today announced the launch and the main benefits of IBM Machine Learning for its enterprise CIOs and CXOs.

The IBM z Systems mainframe can process up to 2.5 billion transactions – the equivalent of roughly 100 Cyber Mondays – in a single day.

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IBM Machine Learning, the first cognitive platform, will be available on z/OS and will be available for other platforms in the future, including IBM POWER Systems.

Business clients can deploy IBM Machine Learning on its POWER Systems to gain from efficiency, higher performance and cost effectiveness along with full data governance.

IBM Machine Learning benefits

In retail, a sales forecasting system must take into account today’s market trends, not just those from last month. For real-time personalization, sales forecasting system must account for what happened as recently as 1 hour ago.

In financial services, a product recommendation system for a financial advisor or broker must leverage current interests, trends, and market movements, not last months.

In healthcare, personalized healthcare offerings must be tailored to an individual and their unique circumstance. Healthcare and personal fitness devices connected via the Internet of Things (IoT), can be used to collect data on human and machine behavior and interaction.

IBM Machine Learning for z/OS helps extract value from z Systems data without moving data off of the system for analysis – helping to minimize latency, costly processing and security risks associated with traditional ETL processes. It analyzes the data and models to provide better predictions and optimization of behavioral models, speeding time to insights.

Argus Health, a DST company, is evaluating IBM Machine Learning technology to help payers and providers manage the complexities and optimize outcomes. Argus is testing scenarios applying IBM Machine Learning for z/OS, while exploring creation, training and deployment of applications that can help them better manage pharmacy costs.

Argus aims to utilize IBM Machine Learning technology to create solutions that can leverage insights from advanced analytics with members across various scenarios including the point of care in both, the doctor’s office and the pharmacy.

“We are excited about the possibilities we have seen from IBM Machine Learning working in concert with our RxNova claims processing platform, clinical solutions, and applied analytics in creating models that are constantly improving by using new data and enabling real-time results to the benefit of members, their caregivers and physicians,” said Marc Palmer, president of Argus Health.

IBM Machine Learning deploys Cognitive Automation for Data Scientists from IBM Research to assist data scientists in choosing the right algorithm for the data by scoring their data against the available algorithms and providing the best match for their needs.

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