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Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America introduced  Panasonic Cognitive Infotainment platform designed to provide OEMs and fleet providers a set of cognitive vehicle solutions in partnership with  IBM’s Watson and cloud technologies.

In December, BMW had partnered with IBM to include Watson cognitive capabilities in its cars.

The Panasonic platform leverages Watson cognitive capabilities, including deep natural language processing and understanding, to answer questions and provide recommendations as well as directions while en route.

The platform also introduces e-commerce capabilities for convenient in-vehicle purchases to make the most of a driver’s time, as well as possible future cognitive driving solutions that monitor the vehicle condition for safer driving.

At CES 2017, Panasonic Automotive will demonstrate how the Panasonic Cognitive Infotainment conducts an e-Commerce transaction with a quick service restaurant.

In a step-by-step demonstration, CES attendees will see how a meal order can be verbally placed through the infotainment system, paid for from the car and timed for more precise pickup while still driving to the restaurant.

Panasonic Automotive is building on Bluemix, IBM’s cloud platform, which enables access to Watson APIs including Conversation, Natural Language Classifier, Text to Speech, Speech to Text and Personality Insights.

Bluemix will also enable Panasonic to integrate weather and Twitter data into their solutions to showcase additional insights into the vehicle experience.

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