IBM drives Kenya Power to get real time status of biz processes

Enterprise IT vendor IBM will deploy an automated system for Kenya Power to provide a real time status of all business processes.

East Africa’s largest power distributor will benefit from the selection of IBM as the new system will consolidate data from ten key operational sources to provide a single view of enterprise data that will in turn assist Kenya Power to implement its strategic expansion plans.

The infrastructure will use advanced IBM analytics to enable Kenya Power to compare real time and historical data to monitor business operations and trends, and anticipate future electrical needs.

Kenya Power, which is planning to expand electricity generation capacity from 2025 megawatts to 5000 plus megawatts by 2015, can now access data on demand on one dashboard compared to 10 different dashboards.

Utilization of IT will enable Kenya Power to expand its 2.6 million-client base by another one million clients. IT will also assist the company to roll out electricity distribution services across more areas of Kenya including under-served regions.


Kenya Power will utilize real-time analytics that can be accessed through cloud computing, allowing executives working remotely to use mobile devices to view data. They can access insights into the electricity company’s operations and take decisions to improve business performance.

Since Kenya Power has a number of different systems for billing, it is difficult to combine data to produce customer insights. IBM solution provides a central repository for various data sources and the analytic capabilities to provide a consolidated view of Kenya Power’s customers.

“The analytics solution gives us the ability to rapidly perform complex queries on data,” said Ben Chumo, chief executive officer, Kenya Power.

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