IBM business analytics to assist Westfield Insurance to transform operations

IBM business analytics will assist Westfield Insurance, a provider of personal, commercial and surety insurance, to transform their claims operations.

Westfield will utilize IBM’s business analytics to increase flexibility, operational efficiency and effectiveness.

More than 60 percent of insurers are focused on advanced analytics to improve their claims handling to improve processes and increase customer satisfaction, according to a recent survey.

Westfield’s multi-year claims handling transformation initiatives, including process, organizational and technology changes, focuses on using data and analytics to better serve customers.

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Robert Bowers, national claims strategy leader, Westfield Insurance, said: “Our new claims platform will enable our employees to make quicker decisions, with greater insight. We anticipate lowered costs and improved customer service, all while streamlining operations throughout the country to enhance the customer experience.”

IBM has optimized Westfield’s claims handling process to provide a seamless, fully-integrated customer experience. Westfield’s claims system with Guidewire is now consolidated to ensure efficient operations across its network.

Patricia Hamilton, vice president, Insurance Strategy and Transformation, IBM, said: “This new claims platform is the next step in their transformational journey to build a structured process around data governance. By consolidating and standardizing its claims handling systems, Westfield is able to increase operational efficiencies, benefiting employees and customers.”

Baburajan K
[email protected]