IBM brings DB2 V11.1 database software

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced the launch of a new version of its IBM DB2 V11.1 database software to take on rival Oracle.

IBM said the new DB2 V11.1 database software assists developers to bridge on-premise applications to the cloud and enable hybrid data architecture.

DB2 V11.1, the latest database software from IBM, powers the next generation of applications including mobile, advanced analytics, cognitive and highly available transactions.

The US-based technology company said IBM DB2 offers a security-rich environment required for the hybrid world, designed to protect data both in flight and at rest. It scales to new heights of performance by enabling its in-memory technology to be deployed across a parallel processing architecture and helping to improve response times.

Yazaki Europe, a global automotive parts supplier, relies on IBM DB2 to power always-on enterprise applications, ensuring fast order fulfillment and rapid insight into business performance. Yazaki Europe has the ability to handle petabytes of data with the latest version of DB2, which positions the company to move some workloads to the cloud.

Jurgen Laudien, European Infrastructure Manager, Yazaki Europe, said: “Whether we want the benefits of a hybrid cloud or a private cloud, DB2 and DB2 on Cloud will give us that flexibility. We’re also pleased to know that we have another option to get the benefits of DB2 as a fully managed service using dashDB for Transactions.”

IBM DB2 is SQL-compatible with Oracle Database, making it easy to leverage existing skills to move applications from Oracle to DB2, whether on premises or in the cloud, with minimal-to-no application changes.

Rob Thomas, vice president of development, IBM Analytics, said: “DB2 is the best choice for mission critical, multi-workload applications, regardless of where you deploy them, on premise or in the cloud.  This agility helps our clients accelerate innovation for competitive advantage.”