IBM big data and analytics to power EMLYON Smart Business School

Enterprise IT vendor IBM today announced its deal with EMLYON to develop Smart Business School to deliver personalized, on-demand business education on a global basis via the IBM Cloud.

IBM will support EMLYON to create better outcomes and engaging environment for its teachers.

“This initiative will allow us to deliver content and coaching that are relevant to each participants’ needs and aspirations, wherever they are in the world and at every step on their career path,” said Bernard Belletante, dean of EMLYON.

IBM’s Big Data & Analytics capabilities will be the center of EMLYON’s strategy to create its new education model, providing personalized development and training.


Interactive, mobile and collaborative technology, based on the SoftLayer infrastructure from IBM, will create the Smart Business School to react and tailor itself to each student’s changing demands and career needs.

“This transformative effort that uses Big Data analytics delivered via a cloud-first strategy to engage the learners by personalizing their educational environment to prepare them for the workforce,” said Michael King, vice president of Global Education Industry at IBM.

This cloud-based platform will be available in EMLYON’s campuses in France and China, including in the campus announced in Casablanca, Morocco. The partnership will allow on-demand campuses in emerging markets as West Africa and China.

Baburajan K
[email protected]

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