IBM bags two IT patents for analytics

Enterprise IT vendor IBM has bagged two patents for analytics.

IBM said the first patented invention can enhance the usage of analytics for assessing and directing data in a cloud computing environment, enabling more efficient application processing and management.

The second patent is for a technique that uses analytics to increase cloud computing performance and reduce costs by moving workloads based on an automatic analysis that determines the most efficient and effective use of available resources, said IBM.

The recent patent is reflecting IBM’s investment of more than $6 billion annually in R&D. IBM has topped the list of U.S. patent recipients for 20 consecutive years.

The IBM invention, U.S Patent #8,639,809, “Predictive Removal Of Runtime Data Using Attribute Characterizing,” can provide specific benefits for a cloud environment – as well as any IT system — by more effectively analyzing data from a variety of sources to avoid performance inefficiencies and processing delays.

This technique performs real-time analysis on data — such as online transactions, readings from sensors, financial quotes, video streams, etc. — as it is generated. It determines how each piece of data will be processed, by identifying patterns in the data values that have correlated with slower processing in the past, to avoid situations where certain data values might delay the processing of all the data.

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The cloud computing system then automatically channels each piece of data down the right analysis path to ensure analysis. The patented invention creates an “express lane” for “normal” tuples ensuring that they are analyzed promptly, while tuples with values known to be problematic or that are very time consuming to analyze are sent down other analysis paths.

IBM received U.S. Patent #8,676,981 B2 “Routing Service Requests Based on Lowest Actual Cost within a Federated Virtual Service Cloud” for the invention.

IBM’s invention pools cloud computing resources from disparate cloud centers, enabling clients to improve performance and save money by reducing the amount of manual intervention needed to allocate hardware, software and services. The technique enables users have more control over where and how their cloud workloads are run and facilitates optimal use of a cloud infrastructure.

Patent #8,676,981 can streamline the management of local and geographically dispersed cloud hubs, while improving application performance and responsiveness by lowering latency of cloud deployments.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and channel resellers who leverage cloud infrastructure from third-party providers to build and deliver value-added solutions can utilize IBM’s patented dynamic cloud management invention. MSPs could use IBM’s invention to isolate and automatically support their customers’ specific workload demands and truly enable usage-based-consumption pricing models.

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