IBM assists Standard Life in personalizing financial services

IBM announced that Standard Life, an investment company, is personalizing financial services capabilities to its 3.8 million UK customers.

IBM is assisting Standard Life for addressing the real-time financial needs of its diverse customer base as they plan and invest in their future. IBM Commerce is enabling Standard Life to serve the financial needs of its UK customers.

Using analytics from IBM, Standard Life can accurately track a person’s interactions across different screens and devices by examining both structured and unstructured data that previously was left untapped.

Harriet Green, general manager, Watson IoT, Commerce and Education, IBM, said: “Customers need to know that businesses not only see their unique needs and priorities but are able to adapt to each one, giving confidence they are making the right choices.”

Standard Life, using IBM Campaign and Interact, can turn insights into a unique customer snapshot that helps illustrate each person’s financial needs. Standard Life is able to deliver personalization across multiple channels — online, mobile device or contact centers.

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