IBM, ARTESP opens highway Information Control Center in Sao Paulo

IBM and The Agencia de Transporte do Estado de Sao Paulo (ARTESP) have opened the Information Control Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to ensure the quality of service provided by local operators of the state’s highways.

IBM in a statement said the center will unify traffic data, incident management and service delivery through the use of advanced analytics to help ensure safer and more efficient travel for a population of 20 million across 271 cities.

New Information Control Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil uses IBM analytics to unify data for 4,000 miles of highways.

IBM media

The new center will capture, link and unify data from Operational Control Centers of each of the 19 highway administrators that operate nearly 30 state roads. IBM will assist the agency to improve supervision of nearly 4,000 miles of state highways. Earlier, these works were done through physical inspections.

“The Information Control Center for the state will be able to oversee São Paulo´s highways in near real time. With IBM technology in place we will now have the right tools to check quality of services provided by each administrator and also the corresponding contract fulfillment,” said ARTESP general director, Karla Bertocco Trindade.

The new IBM solution enables the state to verify and confirm incidents as they occur, allowing efficient handling and routing of traffic across the entire state. In addition, the state’s central information control center will now also be able to centralize new data streams such as traffic reports and revenue data from toll plazas.

By using Big Data analytics, IBM’s Intelligent Operations software allows transportation agency employees to gather better insights for smarter decision making to help diffuse transportation and traffic issues, while IBM Maximo software will provide asset management throughout its highway network in Sao Paulo.

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