IBM announces new partnerships to develop cognitive applications

IBM Corporation

Wednesday, IBM announced partnerships with Triax Technologies, Spare5 and 113 Industries to develop cognitive applications powered by Watson to help transform the future of sports.

IBM said these organizations are part of a growing ecosystem of third-parties that are building applications, services and businesses embedded with cognitive technology in diverse industries.

Sports annually generates nearly $700 billion around the world, according to consulting firm A.T. Kearney, and the market is growing faster than Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in nearly every country

At the same time, the demand for artificial intelligence infused apps is increasing, with IDC predicting that by 2018, half of all consumers will regularly interact with services based on cognitive computing.

“Cognitive is a new form of computing that represents a seismic shift in technology. We’ve moved beyond systems that are programmed – the technologies most of us use today – to systems that understand, reason and learn,” said Lauri Saft, Vice President, IBM Watson Ecosystem.

Like so many other industries, sports is awash in data, and cognitive computing allows IBM’s partners like Triax Technologies, 113 Industries and Spare5 to apply deeper insights to all of that information to improve athlete performance and redefine the fan experience.

Triax Technologies will provide impact sensor technology with its Triax Smart Impact Monitor. Spare 5  is creating a cognitive app called, “Watson Golf Pro” that leverages Watson’s deep learning, natural language, and vision capabilities to act as a personal caddy that amateur players can consult while at the driving range or on the course.

113 Industries is working with the Pittsburgh Penguins to transform the game-day experience for hockey fans. By leveraging 113 Industries’ “Pi” service embedded with Watson natural language cognitive capabilities, the Penguins can analyze large volumes of fan-based data to develop specialized offers and services for fans visiting the CONSOL Energy Center.

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