IBM analytics to support Singapore public transport system

Enterprise IT vendor IBM has teamed up with The Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA), SMRT Corporation (SMRT) and StarHub to apply fusion analytics to create a public transport system that will improve the commuter experience across Singapore.

As per the deal, The LTA and IBM, which is focusing on smart city projects, will create a Fusion AnalyticS for public Transport Emergency Response (FASTER) blueprint for better crowd management and proactive information services. IBM will be utilizing its data-driven analytic models that provide situational awareness, impact prediction and actionable insights for mitigating the anticipated impact.

IBM India

As part of the FASTER agreement, the LTA and IBM will work together to combine farecard data and information from industry partners.

For instance, SMRT Corporation (SMRT) will provide the video data from select MRT stations. Its partner StarHub will provide anonymized telecom data for aggregate-level mobility analysis.

By using data to extract actionable insights, transport operators and authorities will be able to provide better information services to their employees and passengers, said IBM in a statement.

Tan Tong Hai, chief executive officer, StarHub, said: “The amalgamation of telco, video and smartcard analytics will give transport operators the visibility of commuters’ travel patterns as well as a basis for recommendations to improve resiliency of bus routes/schedules and to enhance response to unplanned incidents so as to better cater to the needs of commuters.”

InfotechLead News Team