IBM analytics to support Pratt & Whitney to enhance engine fleet management

Enterprise IT vendor IBM will support Pratt & Whitney to enhance the engine fleet management and health solutions Pratt & Whitney offers to customers.

IBM real time analytics solutions will assist Pratt & Whitney to expand its performance monitoring capabilities of more than 4,000 operational commercial engines.

In addition, IBM will assist Pratt & Whitney in leveraging its military diagnostic, prognostic and health management capabilities to enable automated logistics to its expanding commercial fleet in order to ensure longer time on-wing, complement current asset maintenance alerts, and deliver better insight into flight operational data to its customers.

“Today’s aircraft engines can generate up to a half terabyte of data per flight.  This data deluge can be made into a critical resource if coupled with predictive analytics, creating a valuable asset for early warning or fault detection and improved visibility in to the overall health of aircraft engines,” said Alistair Rennie, general manager, Business Analytics, IBM.