HP’s new big data solutions to aid CIOs to gain better insight into their data

HP has expanded its big data portfolio.

The expansion, according to HP, is designed to enable enterprise CIOs to gain better insight into their data and deliver real- time outcomes.

HP’s new big data solutions are expected to assist enterprise CIOs and IT heads to assist in the deployment stage. The new solutions, according to HP, will enable enterprises to handle the growing volume, variety, velocity and vulnerability of data that can cause these initiatives to fail.

According to research commissioned on behalf of HP, nearly 60 percent of enterprises will spend at least 10 percent of their innovation budget on big data this year.

The study says more than one in three organizations have failed with a big data initiative.

HP’s competitor IBM is also enhancing its big data portfolio. Announcing its big data initiatives, IBM said it would add new solutions for cloud, mobile, social and analytics. Since its introduction a year ago, more than 4,000 PureSystems have shipped to organizations in more than 90 countries, with wide adoption in key growth markets and by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are building cloud datacenters with PureFlex at their core.

HP says its HAVEn, a big data analytics platform, leverages HP’s analytics software, hardware and services to create the next generation of big data-ready analytics applications and solutions.

“Big data enables organizations to take advantage of the totality of their information— both internal and external—in real time. It produces extremely fast decision making, resulting in unique and innovative ways to serve customers and society,” said George Kadifa, executive vice president, Software, HP.

To assist enterprise CIOs to improve customer engagement and speed response to market opportunities, HP Enterprise Services has introduced HP Actionable Analytics Services.

HP says these solutions enable clients to implement analytics and extract insight hidden within big data, as well as streamline key organizational processes, such as customer offers, procurement, supply chain and inventory operations.

HP also announced two additional products.

HP Vertica Community Edition is a free, downloadable software that delivers the same functionality of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform Enterprise Edition with no commitments or time limits, allowing clients to analyze up to 1 terabyte of data before investing in an enterprise wide solution.

The second product — HP Autonomy Legacy Data Cleanup solution helps clients analyze legacy data, lower costs and reduce risks while driving value from big data.

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