HP’s new analytics service aims enterprises with Big Data projects

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: HP Enterprise Services has unveiled a new information management and analytics (IM&A) service to help clients gain from Big Data assets.

HP’s IM&A is expected to support enterprises in their efforts to drive new revenue opportunities, improve efficiency, reduce risk and lower costs.

IDC — in a March 2012 report — said that the market for Big Data technology and services will reach $16.9 billion by 2015, up from $3.2 billion in 2010. That is a 40 percent-a-year growth rate — about seven times the estimated growth rate for the overall information technology and communications business.

The HP Big Data Discovery Experience is available in the Americas region and in select countries in Europe, priced as a service according to customer engagement.

Worldwide availability is expected by the end of the year.

According to a report available at Reportlinker.com, financial Services, healthcare and the government sector are the top three contributors of the big data market and together held more than 55 percent of the big data market in 2012.

Media and Entertainment and the healthcare sectors will grow at high CAGR of nearly 42 percent from 2012 to 2018. The growth in data in the form of video, images, and games is driving the media and entertainment segment. The multiple and varied stakeholders including the medical and pharmaceutical product industries, providers and patients, all generate pools of data.

According to research commissioned by HP, more than one out of two business executives reported that their organizations are not equipped with the right solutions to gain insight from Big Data.

In addition, they lack the expertise as well as a cohesive strategy to bring all of the components together to incorporate new and old data sets. With greater insights, enterprises can take action to improve and transform their enterprise.

The new HP Big Data Discovery Experience simplifies and accelerates the entry path for clients to unlock the value of their information. The service provides a scalable discovery environment where clients can explore different technologies to experience insights gleaned from their own data.

“We’re just scratching the surface in terms of use cases,” said Benjamin Woo, an IDC analyst who worked on the report. “But a lot of them are going to be mash-ups of different kinds of data to deliver more intelligence to users.”

These insights can help an enterprise optimize real-time, cross-channel marketing, customer service and demand prediction. Other use cases include supporting client efforts in detecting and preventing fraud, ensuring compliance in real time, and using social media for risk management and brand reputation.

The HP Big Data Discovery Experience supports a low-risk, rapid path to leveraging Big Data technologies for innovation and better business outcomes. Offered as a service with Big Data consultants and data scientists, facilitated processes and advanced technologies, the HP Big Data Discovery Experience doesn’t require clients to make an initial investment for skilled resources, software and hardware.

As part of the HP Big Data Discovery Experience, HP consultants work with a client’s staff to advise on and identify the core parameters of success, conducting a series of planning sessions to assess current and future state requirements.

The service provides clients with an information ecosystem through which to explore different types of data with industry-specific use cases and analytical models. HP also can deploy the insights-based applications in production processes.

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