HP Vertica Analytics Platform full-feature version now available free of cost

HP has launched the free full-feature version of HP Vertica Analytics Platform for up to a full terabyte of data, helping organizations optimize and monetize big data.

The new HP Vertica Community Edition is a free, downloadable software solution that delivers the same functionality as HP Vertica Analytics Platform Enterprise Edition with no commitments or time limits.


The new edition allows them to test drive a next-generation analytics platform, gain insight from Big Data, and understand the real ROI of the project before they spend a dime, said HP officials.

The enhancements benefit clients to rapidly gain insights from Big Data with a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) connector that speeds data loading and ensures seamless native integration between HDFS and the HP Vertica Analytics Platform.

The solution facilitates advanced analytics by enabling data scientists to quickly initiate advanced analytics with a prebuilt R language pack, one of the most popular open-source statistics packages available today.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform also optimizes storage and simplifies data archiving with flexible storage tiering that effectively uses existing media for offline storage, eliminating the need for unnecessary backups.

In addition to these, HP Vertica Analytics Platform features expanded and improved performance of SQL functions to speed analytics results and simplifies cloud deployments with a pre-configured Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that includes Cloud Scripts for dynamic cluster management of Amazon EC2 deployments.

The solution improves productivity by streamlining administration with tools that validate deployments and deliver secure role-based access control as well as software development kit (SDK) extensions to simplify the upgrade process.

HP Vertica has also expanded MyVertica community portal, developed together with Get Satisfaction, an industry-leading community platform for creating engaging customer experiences. HP Vertica users and partners, as well as a diverse community of data analytics professionals use the portal to access resources that span guides, manuals, training and support packages.

The updated community portal offers enhanced discussion forums that facilitate collaboration and encourage the sharing of best practices. The portal will also include a marketplace for add-on products and services for the HP Vertica Analytics Platform from HP Vertica, its clients and business partners.

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