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HP unveils HP Connected Backup 8.8 to facilitate migration from Windows XP

Just a few days after the release of the latest HP Application Information Optimizer (AIO), HP Autonomy has now come up with HP Connected Backup 8.8.

The new HP Connected Backup enhances user experience by enabling intuitive self-service recovery of enterprise data, anytime and anywhere.

The solution is designed to enhance protection of enterprise data, whether located on a few dozen or several thousand desktop and laptop PCs. It reduces the cost and labor associated with traditional IT data migrations.

The announcement comes at a time when Microsoft recently announced that all formal support for Windows XP will not be available past April.

Microsoft’s decision will create a challenging scenario in organizations as they will now have to update hundreds and thousands of PCs and laptops with latest operating systems.


In many cases, this impending migration will require massive data migration, a process that is typically expensive and time-consuming, and often involves complex migration tools that lack the key functionality needed to effectively manage large-scale migrations.

HP Connected Backup 8.8 addresses these issues by eliminating the risk of data loss during migrations. It also enables fast, reliable and secure migration of data to new PCs so organizations can eliminate the need for costly and laborious migration tools and IT intervention.

The solution provides IT administrators with the global capability to scale the data migration process across the entire enterprise, eliminating data loss due to user error and downtime that typically accompanies laptop migrations.

In this case, user data is backed up to an on-site or cloud-based data center that can be accessed by administrators and end users, who are able to gain self-service access to all of their backed-up data the moment that they log in to their new PC.

Data can be accessed during the migration process and remains under continuous protection post-migration.

“Typical desktop migrations often involve complex tools that don’t scale, and include many IT man-hours and downtime for users,” said David Jones, general manager, Enterprise Data Protection, HP Autonomy.

“The release of Connected Backup 8.8 offers a simple, secure, scalable and enterprise-proven solution that eliminates the risk of data loss during migrations and continuous protection of user data on their new system,” Jones said.

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