HP Enterprise Services’ new analytics services help derive big data insights

HP Enterprise Services has expanded HP’s Information Management and Analytic Services enabling clients to derive insights from Big Data and improve customer engagement and speed response to market opportunities.

Many enterprises are missing opportunities for customer interaction because they lack the tools and expertise needed to identify the hidden value within their Big Data, HP said.

The new HP Actionable Analytics Services enables clients to implement analytics to impact their top line and streamline key business processes such as customer offers, procurement, supply chain and inventory operations, HP said.

With the insights obtained via data analytics, organizations can help drive revenue growth, operational efficiency and customer retention.


Organizations can target key business functions of inventory, procurement, field force and sales offers with the necessary insights in real time to drive profitability both today and in the future.

HP Actionable Analytics Services combine technologies from HP Labs, HP Autonomy and HP Vertica. It enhances customer loyalty and increases revenue with insight into buying trends gained with segmenting and repeats purchase modeling.

HP Field Force Optimization Services helps field sales and service organizations improve operational efficiency by identifying challenges in field operations and developing systematic, evidence-based management solutions that pinpoint ways to increase efficiency and optimize coverage as well as target setting.

HP Procurement and Inventory Optimization Services helps enhance effectiveness of pricing and delivery forecasting with predictive algorithms that analyze a product portfolio and supply chain, including demand, forecast performance and materials requirements planning.

HP Actionable Analytics Services are available in select Asia Pacific markets, HP said.

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