HP announces enhanced HP Integrity Portfolio for mission-critical environments

Infotech Lead India: HP announced enhancements to its mission-critical Converged Infrastructure portfolio.

The new portfolio comes with HP Integrity systems, HP-UX software and services to triple performance, boost resiliency and deliver investment protection for critical workloads deployed into the next decade.

Based on HP enhancements and the Intel Itanium processor 9500 series, transactions are processed up to three times faster than previous generations, while using 21 percent less energy. As a result, clients can realize a 33 percent savings in total cost of ownership (TCO).

The newest solutions offer the scalability, continuous availability and efficiency needed by clients to achieve their mission-critical business goals and improve productivity. The new offerings include:

·    A faster, more robust HP Superdome 2, with new blades and advancements to HP’s flagship server that provide  high availability for mission-critical workloads;

·    Three new HP Integrity server blades for the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosure, providing unique workload flexibility  with the industry’s only electrically isolated hard-partitioning capabilities;

·    A new entry-class HP Integrity server for branch offices or expanding businesses that is ENERGY STAR certified for reduced energy use;

·     HP-UX  advancements that deliver enhanced security and management to speed   threat detection  and optimize resource utilization; and

·    New advisory workshop services, financing programs and cost assessment tools to assist clients in optimizing their mission-critical environment.

“Our mission-critical clients face ever-increasing demands for uptime, performance and security with their most critical applications,” said Santanu Ghose, director, Business Critical Systems, HP India. “Today’s announcement demonstrates HP’s continued commitment to transform the server landscape with innovations to the   Integrity portfolio—offered within a mission-critical Converged Infrastructure that will endure into the future.”

HP Superdome 2 now offers a boost in scalability and performance with double the number of cores. Increased reliability also is achieved with enhancements that provide built-in intelligence that enables proactive detection, analysis and repair of errors.

HP’s expanded portfolio also includes server blades that deliver improved resiliency with electrically isolated hard partitions that fully isolate workloads without compromising data integrity. The new server blades utilize reduced power—up to 21 percent less energy — with new low-voltage, dual in-line memory modules (DIMMS). They also improve efficiency with the new 9500 series processors.

The new server blades include the HP IntegrityBL860c i4, which scales up to two sockets; the HP Integrity BL870c i4, with up to four socket configurations; and the HP Integrity BL890c i4, with up to eight sockets. Additionally, the ENERGY STAR certified HP Integrity rx2800 i4 entry-level server improves energy efficiency.

Also new is an enhanced TCO Calculator to help mission-critical customers assess the TCO for maintaining existing infrastructure and to help determine the cost to transition and support new HP Integrity systems.

The first new HP Integrity systems, including the Superdome 2 server blades are currently available.

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