How big data assists enterprises

90 percent of organizations are experiencing or anticipate seeing, more effective targeted marketing and selling campaigns, according to Global Study.

According to the results of Global Study, 88 percent see or anticipate increased revenue while 92 percent of respondents cite obstacles to their Big Data projects.

The study also revealed the top five major obstacles to overcome for successful big data project implementation including 32 percent insufficient existing infrastructure, 27 percent organizational complexity, 26 percent security or compliance concerns, 25 percent lack of budget/resources and 25 percent lack of visibility into information and processes.

The study, The State of Big Data Infrastructure: Benchmarking Global Big Data Users to Drive Future Performance, said 84 percent of large organizations have already, or plan to, implement a Big Data project within the next year.

Additionally, according to the survey, companies see Big Data as an important aspect of digital transformation in the application economy.

This apart, 98 percent of respondents acknowledge that major investments are required to allow their Big Data projects to work well while 56 percent of respondents see scaling existing projects to address more data sources as a major priority for their Big Data projects.

Also, majority of Big Data projects are independent. On average, respondents have experienced improvements of up to 21 percent due to successful Big Data projects.

Shilpa Khatri

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