EMC introduces Pivotal HD, the world’s most powerful Hadoop distribution

Infotech Lead America: EMC Corporation has announced a new distribution of Apache Hadoop: Pivotal HD, featuring native integration of EMC’s industry leading Greenplum massively parallel processing (MPP) database with Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a cost-effective and flexible open source Big Data.Hadoop benefits from the new EMC Greenplum-developed HAWQ technology which took 10 years of large scale data management research and development.  It delivers more than 100X performance improvements when compared to existing SQL-like services on top of Hadoop, making Pivotal HD the single most powerful Hadoop distribution in the industry.

Big Data analytics applications that grapple with vast repositories of unstructured data prefer Hadoop for its flexible, scalable, inexpensive, fault-tolerant nature with rapid adoption rates and a rich ecosystem surrounded by massive investment.

Broadly adopting Hadoop as their singular data repository is a problem to customers due to a lack of useful interfaces and high-level tooling for Business Intelligence and data mining. These components are critical to data analytics and building a data-driven enterprise. Pivotal HD addresses these challenges as the world’s first true SQL processing for Hadoop.

By offering the full spectrum of the SQL interface, and the entire ecosystem of products that support SQL, customers can eliminate the need for a huge team of developers to build a dashboard or run a report. Pivotal HD does not need to move data between systems or use connectors that require users to store the data twice.

Pivotal HD simplifies the use of Hadoop, thus expanding the platform’s potential and productivity, and allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the cost-effective and flexible data processing platform.

EMC combines cloud-based online file sharing service with on-premise storage options

Last month Infotech Lead reported EMC Corporation’s announcement about the beta availability of EMC’s Syncplicity cloud-based online file sharing service with the option for customers to use either EMC Isilon scale-out NAS or EMC Atmos object-based storage.

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