Dell Services and TechSpring launch program, improves patient care

Dell Services and TechSpring has launched new innovation program to improve patient care with chronic diseases using predictive analytics and telehealth virtual communications.

The new innovation program improve patient care and experience, control and reduce costs associated with chronic disease and emergency room treatment.

In addition, TechSpring provides technology Innovation and Adoption Acceleration support for the program.

The company said Dell will leverage clinical, socio-economic data, claims and other data to provide a comprehensive analysis of the patient population risk.

Baystate Health will use the data for more effective care management and to better understand the clinical models and processes for patient needs.

Also, Dell Population Health Analytics offer data integration and predictive analytics to provide comprehensive insights into the health risks of patient population and management of care processes.

Dell services

This solution aggregates data from multiple sources to identify health risks, gaps in care, appropriate interventions, data tracking and reporting metrics critical to clinical and financial success.

This apart, Dell and TechSpring will conduct telehealth pilot programs to reduce the costs of patient visits and to prioritize critical cases that need extra medical attention.

Telehealth pilot programs will leverage telehealth in a variety of ways including e-visits and has also improved the quality of life and a reduction in repeat visits to a physician or readmission into a hospital.

“Transforming our care delivery models, our population management, and our patient engagement is essential to healthcare in the 21st century,” said Joel Vengco, VP & CIO of Baystate Health and Founder of TechSpring.

Few days ago, Dell unveiled the PowerEdge C6320, the latest addition in its 13th generation Dell PowerEdge server portfolio for high performance computing (HPC).

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