Dell EMC offers new data archiving solution


Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) introduced a new solution called “InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS)”, expanding ECD’s roster of managed service solutions.

InfoArchive is the enterprise archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data – both structured and unstructured.

IAaaS is the latest addition in the Dell EMC managed services group, which deploys and manages ECD technology and solutions on-premises or in the cloud.

It enables large-scale application retirement, optimization of production environments and facilitates application data integration and reuse – supporting new users, cloud applications and analytics.

Andy Crowne, Vice President Industry Solutions & InfoArchive, Dell EMC said, “We believe that InfoArchive as a Service will amplify the benefits that customers have already come to expect, including accessibility and compliance.”

Customers now have a choice of deployment, as well as enhanced vertical use cases, making the InfoArchive family an unbeatable set of solutions for increasing operational efficiency and tapping into the power of data.”

The company also announced the general availability of Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1 and Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0 software.

Clinical Archiving 2.0 software offers an HIMVision user interface application, which gives supplies a view of patient’s archived data and the ability to add annotation information within the archive.

HIMVision includes a “Release of Information” mechanism, allowing all or a part of a patient’s archived information to be exported or printed.

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