Dell builds three-petabyte storage infrastructure for Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Infotech Lead America:Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) has chosen Dell Compellent arrays to bolster the storage capabilities of FRONTIER (FRONT Information EnviRonment), a campus IT platform constructed to support advanced teaching and research activities at JAIST, which specializes in graduate-level education and research. The new Dell Compellent infrastructure will enable JAIST to access information quickly and efficiently protect large amounts of important research data.JAIST needed high-performance and large capacity storage for its growing, private cloud environment that supports its students and researchers. With initial available capacity of three petabytes, the new storage infrastructure is one of the world’s largest Dell Compellent implementations. JAIST is strengthening their IT environment to help further advance its world-class research. As the core of this system, a private cloud environment is being implemented with the aim to improve convenience for users and help achieve low cost, high energy efficiency and streamlined management by centralizing hardware resources.

JAIST adopted Dell storage for FRONTIER to centralize the management of large research data sets created and accessed by individual researchers and teams. In order to deliver necessary data for the users’ research activities quickly and with high reliability, JAIST replaced two previous systems with Dell Compellent, providing a combination of both high performance and high capacity to manage a large volume of data in one solution. Through Dell Compellent’s support of IPv6, JAIST can extend its infrastructure to the required scale provided by the new 128-bit addressing scheme.

With Dell Compellent’s automated data tiering technology, JAIST can benefit from both the performance and capacity from a single system, which previously had been managed separately. The Dell Compellent system also provides automated data tiering which allows for automated management and movement of data between a combination of SSD and SAS drives, compatibility with IPv6, advanced snapshot features and advanced replication feature that only replicates changed data provides disaster recovery for petabytes of data.

“With advancements to the Dell Fluid Data architecture and the enterprise capabilities of Dell Compellent storage arrays, an increasing number of customers are turning to Dell for large-scale storage deployments,” said Alan Atkinson, vice president and general manager of Dell Storage. “JAIST’s selection of Dell Compellent is the latest example of our ability to efficiently and cost effectively offer both performance and protection to power business-critical workloads.”

Dell assists Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare to save more than $600,000

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (TMH) recently implemented Dell’s Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC) solution to save more than $600,000 and enhance the productivity of clinicians in its Family Medicine Residency Program.  After implementing this, TMH, which serves 16 counties in North Florida and South Georgia, achieved a risk-adjusted return on investment of 83 percent with a payback period of 13 months based on the Total Economic Impact (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting.

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