CSC Big Data PaaS promises data insights in less than 30 days

IT services and solution provider CSC has launched Big Data Platform as a service (BDPaas) by adding new security, , compliance, data infrastructure technologies, and cloud deployment options.

BDPaaS enables enterprise and public sector clients to get up and running in 30 days or less across a variety of cloud and dedicated architectures.

The CSC BDPaaS has been engineered to support an “as-a-Service” on several cloud infrastructures including Amazon, CSC Cloud Solutions, RedHat OpenStack and VMware VSphere private clouds. It has improved reference architectures for IBM, SAP, Oracle, and Teradata

This allows flexible deployment models within the customer’s datacenter as well as trusted third party datacenters including CSC’s. With the BDPaaS, CSC customers are also able to leverage the ServiceMesh Agility Platform, which provides cloud management, governance, and security across public, private and hybrid clouds.

BDPaaS offers batch analytics, fine-grained and interactive analytics, and real-time streaming analytics., It is the only “as a service” offering that seamlessly integrates with Hadoop, Ad-Hoc Query and Streaming analytics to support high volumes, high velocities and any type of data.

The company said that it is uniquely positioned to support predictive and prescriptive analytics for actionable insights from internal and external data to better manage customer intelligence and operational efficiencies.

Jim Kaskade, vice president, CSC said: “Clients can minimize up-front costs and leverage existing technology investments without sacrificing time-to-market mandates. We’re helping clients unlock the power and potential of Big Data with greater speed, efficiency and confidence.”

Customers can benefit from BDPaaS with the Integration of the Hortonworks Data Platform and Mongo DB as well as enhancements to our support of Storm, Hbase, Elasticsearch and Cloudera Distribution for Hadoop.

It also offers enhanced support for HIPPA, PCI and other regulatory standards for applications with compliance requirements and enterprise-class security.

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