Birdzi powers County Market to achieve 20% growth

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Supermarket chain County Market has achieved 15-20 percent growth after deploying Birdzi platform to provide personalized digital savings and to enhance customer engagement in its 44 stores.


Earlier, County Market, a division of Quincy, Illinois-based Niemann Foods (NFI), tested the platform in its Springfield, Illinois store. Following the successful testing, County Market deployed the myCountyMarket application in 44 stores.

Birdzi, a provider of location analytics and mobile applications for shopper engagement, delivers personalized offers, location-specific coupons, in-store maps, sharable shopping lists and more to shoppers.

County Market has achieved 15-20 percent growth week over week in shopper engagement, and hundreds of new downloads each day. The Birdzi platform is delivering thousands of precision-targeted, contextually relevant offers each week to County Market Shoppers.

The myCountyMarket app utilizes Birdzi’s beacon technology to enhance customer engagement in the store. The in-store beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver opt-in location-based services for app users.

County Market is the first independent supermarket chain in the U.S. to use beacon technology in all of its stores.

Nathaniel Jones, electronic marketing manager, Niemann Foods, said: “The location-based services allow the shopper to visit the bakery and within seconds, get an offer for a dollar off cookies; then a shopper can head to the dairy aisle and get a message to save on coffee creamer.”

In-store map of the Birdzi platform helps shoppers easily locate products in the store. Shoppers can create and share shopping lists with friends and sort shopping lists by aisle and map out their grocery trip to save valuable time in the store.

The platform integrates County Market’s loyalty program, the Max Card, delivering a personalized digital flyer and tips to unique customers. It allows shoppers to scan their favorite products from the comfort of their home to check for sales and promotions.

County Market will deploy additional features of the Birdzi platform in the coming weeks. The grocer will launch a shopper portal and personalized ad flyers later this month, allowing County Market to deliver personalized offers via the web and email, in order to reach more shoppers.

“Through the Birdzi platform, County Market offers a unique shopping experience to its customers within a single application,” said Shekar Raman, CEO, Birdzi.

myCountyMarket app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

In July, Nichols Dollar Saver has deployed Birdzi to provide personalized digital savings to shoppers and replaced its previous digital coupons application with Birdzi’s platform.

Nichols Dollar Saver replaced its digital coupons and current in-store app with a single solution and joined Birdzi’s Personiphi Network to offer omni-channel personalized savings through Nichols’ website, mobile site, mobile app and email.

In January, Bidzi partnered with ProLogic Retail Services to bring cost-effective delivery of savings from personalized offers to shoppers at checkout.

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