Blue Coat to buy big data security analytics provider Solera Networks

Infotech Lead India: Blue Coat Systems will acquire Solera Networks, a provider of big data security intelligence and analytics.

Blue Coat Systems will benefit from the Solera DeepSee platform that will add security analytics and forensic capabilities to Coat product portfolio.

Following the acquisition, the company will be able to deliver security solution that includes protection, remediation and governance and gives enterprises complete visibility into the content and context of advanced targeted attacks.

Greg Clark, CEO at Blue Coat Systems, said: “Retrospective capture and analytics are now an essential component of modern security architecture, and Solera has pioneered this field, creating a DVR for the network that records traffic and allows customers to easily mine that information.”

The combination of Solera’s real-time intelligence, security visibility and forensic capabilities and Blue Coat’s Web-based threat intelligence capabilities now gives businesses the tools to proactively block threats and rapidly identify, respond to and recover from a data breach or incident.

Following the acquisition, these technologies will work together to leverage the industry’s root cause analysis capabilities and the network effect of 75 million users from over 15,000 customers worldwide, including 86 percent of the FORTUNE Global 500.

Today, Blue Coat rates more than one billion Web requests per day. This Web intelligence combined with the ability of Solera’s DeepSee software and appliances to provide an historic record of all network traffic will enable enterprises to efficiently identify and resolve the full scope of advanced threats.

Solera’s customers include organizations around the world in many market segments, including the Departments of Energy, Homeland Security and Defense, Hitachi, Qualcomm,, Parsons Corporation and Zions Bank.

Meanwhile, Blue Coat introduced its SSL Visibility appliance as part of its new Business Assurance Technology Resolution Center. This new appliance, which leverages the SSL technology acquired from Netronome, is already integrated with Solera’s DeepSee platform.

Blue Coat also introduced its business assurance technology blueprint. The five technology centers that deliver Business Assurance Technology make it possible for businesses and their employees, customers and partners to safely and securely choose the best technologies, applications, devices and services in the world.

Blue Coat is introducing new products that enable enterprises to deploy trusted applications and quickly remediate data breaches.

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