Bank of China gets smarter with IBM big data and analytics

IBM has partnered with Bank of China (BOC) Tianjin Branch to launch the bank’s first smart branch utilizing IBM big data and analytics, as well as mobile and social business tools.

The smart branch will leverage big data and innovative channels to create new, more personalized customer experiences, said Sun Huimin, president assistant of Tianjin Branch of BOC.

This flagship branch will serve as the model for all future Tianjin Branch of BOC locations, according to bank officials.

A long-term partner of BOC, IBM provided deep industry insight and consulting expertise to help create BOC’s new smart branch.

bank of chinaThe new Smart Branch incorporates innovative technologies and approaches to enable a dedicated customer experience section and intelligent process management. The center can track and analyze integrated customer data and gain understanding of customer behavior.

The branch also features VTM Remote Bank Teller allowing BOC to complete a greater volume of financial transactions, significantly improving efficiency for both the bank and its customers. With an interactive QR code wall, customers are able to get info or purchase services quickly.

“Looking ahead, we plan to capitalize on digital and other innovative technologies to strengthen all of our customer-facing channels and their ability to deliver clients a personalized experience,” Huimin added.

“BOC’s new smart branch applies forward-looking insights gained from big data and analytics as well as social and mobile technologies to quickly respond to changing customer needs, giving BOC a distinct competitive advantage,” said Ron Lefferts, FSS leader, GBS, IBM Greater China Group.

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