Actian to buy Pervasive Software to take Big Data to next level

Infotech Lead America: Actian will buy Pervasive Software in a deal valued at $161.9 million.

The merger between Actian, creators of analytic database Vectorwise, and Pervasive Software, a provider of cloud-based and on-premise data innovation, will assist them to take Big Data initiatives to next level.

The merger will enhance Actian’s ability to provide organizations with the capability to take action in real time as their business environment changes.

Steve Shine, CEO & president of Actian

“Big data is an opportunity and a challenge for organizations in every industry, with potentially valuable business critical insight locked away in inaccessible and indecipherable systems. This makes data management and insight today’s big question for businesses looking at how to unlock the substantial incremental business value in their big data,” said Steve Shine, CEO & president of Actian.

Actian and Pervasive provide data management solutions to mission critical deployments. This merger gives customers access to a larger portfolio of products, and provides joint partners greater opportunity to offer new solutions in adjacent markets.

Actian’s Vectorwise currently holds multiple records for performance and is fast becoming the analytic platform of choice for digital companies around the world. This combined with Pervasive Big Data and Analytics software will enable organizations to take advantage of Hadoop-era clusters for rapid insights on large data sets. Pervasive’s Data Rush and Data Cloud products too have been critically acclaimed by the industry.

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