Accenture inks digital tech deal with National Gallery Singapore

Accenture announced its deal with National Gallery Singapore to deploy digital technologies to offer immersive and interactive visual arts experience in November 2015.

The Gallery, which will be presenting its collection of modern art in Singapore and Southeast Asia, from the 19th century, will be utilizing indoor navigation capabilities with a specially designed mobile application to provide insights into surrounding artworks and features of the Gallery based on their location.

The Gallery will display information automatically on a visitor’s mobile app when they reach a particular location, and they can use the app to plot their journey through the Gallery.


As per the IT deal, the Accenture Analytics Innovation Centre will help the Gallery to analyze data from both online and in-Gallery visits to deliver insights into visitor patterns and preferences, enabling the Gallery to improve the visitor experience and drive repeat visits.

Accenture will also provide expertise in enterprise architecture, project management and strategy development to the Gallery.

Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive, Accenture Digital, said: “Bringing together mobility, analytics and digital marketing tools along with an agile cloud-based infrastructure will allow the National Gallery Singapore to deliver a ground-breaking new experience for visitors from the day that it opens, and for many years to come.”

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