Accenture and GE announce new big data initiative

Infotech Lead America: Accenture and GE announced their new big data initiative.

The new association will focus on developing technology and analytics applications for enterprises. Substantially impacting efficiency and productivity of enterprises, the new cloud-based, intelligent analytics solutions can monitor the performance of machines, infrastructure, or business processes.

In 2012, Accenture and GE announced Taleris – a joint venture to deliver a co-developed, web-based prognostics service for aircraft parts and systems which help manage preventive maintenance.

Moreover, the new technology services and pre-packaged solutions can help reduce system or operational down times, reduce maintenance costs, and increase supply chain efficiencies.

Marty Cole, group chief executive of Technology, Accenture, said: “Our expanded alliance with GE means we can bring an even broader array of technology, big data and analytics capabilities to improve the business operations of a wide range of companies and industries.”

Both GE and Accenture will bring their own expertise to strengthen their big data offerings.

For instance, GE’s technology will be used to build core application capabilities and integrate internal GE applications, while Accenture’s Managed Mobile Services Platform (AMMS) will be leveraged to integrate with third-parties and support device communications.

The Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP) is expected to be leveraged as the cloud orchestration layer.

“By connecting machines, data and people through the Industrial Internet, a mere 1 percent efficiency improvement can lead to billions of dollars in savings for major industries,” said Bill Ruh, vice president, GE Software.

Meanwhile, GE also announced its big data and analytics platform robust enough to manage the data produced by large-scale, industrial machines in the cloud.


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