Zendesk adds AI capabilities to customer engagement solutions


Zendesk, a provider of customer service and engagement solutions, has expanded the Answer Bot across all web and mobile channels with AI-powered self-service capabilities.

The company also announced new capabilities for its Guide Enterprise knowledge management product to enhance customer service capabilities.

As customer interactions increase in volume and scale, organizations face challenge in resolving customer queries quickly and accurately. Poor customer experience directly impacts brand loyalty and revenue.

A research from Benchmark report of 45,000 companies worldwide shows 85 percent of customers will shift to a different contact method if they don’t get a response from their initial request, with 44 percent waiting less than an hour before doing so.

The enhancements offered by Zendesk help organizations reduce the volume of repetitive tickets, freeing up agent time to focus on more complex customer requests, the company said.

The new Answer Bot provides always-on support and faster responses helping customers quickly access answers to common questions regardless of the channel they are reaching out on.

Guide Enterprise knowledge management product now helps customer experience teams leverage automation and AI to develop, maintain and manage more complex knowledge needs across multiple brands, products and services.

“Customers today demand fast responses in a context that suits them, and AI can be used to help companies be more timely and accurate when engaging with customers,” said Adrian McDermott, president of products, Zendesk.

“Answer Bot in the Web Widget has allowed our customers to self-serve their easy, quick-answer questions, allowing our agents to have bandwidth to serve more complex issues,” said Aja Varney, director, Global Customer Engagement at Spartan Race. “The time savings for our agents has allowed us to add an additional three hours of chat coverage per day.”

Guide Enterprise empowers teams to maintain and manage more complex knowledge needs. It also includes content lifecycle automation and enterprise-level customer self-service enhancements.

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