Wimbledon 2024 will add more IBM AI solutions to enhance digital experience

IBM says fans at this year’s Wimbledon will enjoy better digital experience as the technology giant will add several new features – powered by generative AI.
Wimbledon 2024 is using more AI solutionsFans at Wimbledon 2024 tennis tournament, which will run from 1-14 July, 2024, will be receiving Catch Me Up feature that will be powered by generative AI from IBM’s AI and data platform, watsonx, to enhance digital experience.

In 2023, IBM introduced statistic called IBM AI Draw Analysis. Last year, IBM used AI feature to generate tennis commentary for all video highlights packages during Wimbledon to enhance viewing experience to fans.

Wimbledon.com website says BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon exceeded digital records in 2023, with 54.3 million streams on BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport online – up from 53.8 million in 2022.

Wimbledon attracted 1.43 million new followers across social media, a 34 percent increase from 2022, bringing our total social media following to 17.5 million.

There were 1.9 billion impressions across Wimbledon’s social media channels during the Fortnight and grass court season, up 75 percent from 2022. There were 82.3 million engagements on Wimbledon’s social media channels, a 162 percent increase from 2022. There were 918 million video views across social media, an increase of 60 percent from last year.

IBM AI plans for 2024

In 2024, IBM says it will add Catch Me Up feature displaying pre and post-match player cards with AI-generated player stories and analysis via wimbledon.com and the Wimbledon 2024 App. Player cards will be personalised based on user preferences and data such as their location and myWimbledon profile, starting with their favourite players.

IBM, which is supporting Wimbledon for morethan three decades by providing advanced technology solutions, said pre-match content will include analysis of recent performance and win predictions, and post-match it will include key statistics and highlights. The feature will create longer-form daily summaries of play.

IBM has built Catch Me Up using IBM’s Granite large language model (LLM) to provide AI-generated text using the capabilities of the watsonx platform. IBM has trained the model on the Wimbledon editorial style. All England Club will monitor the AI model.

This year, Wimbledon will also use generative AI to provide coverage of a range of matches than was previously available, including wheelchair events, to offer more to Wimbledon’s diverse international audience.

IBM said this will form part of a redesigned digital match centre, known as IBM Slamtracker, available on the Wimbledon App and wimbledon.com. Wimbledon’s the technology partner says IBM Slamtracker will provide bullet point-based match previews and post-match reviews for ladies’ and gentlemen’s singles matches.

Survey result

A new research from IBM and Morning Consult reveals that 55 percent of global tennis fans surveyed think AI will have a positive impact on sports. When considering how generative AI could improve their experience, these respondents prioritised real-time updates (36 percent), personalised content (31 percent), and unique insights (30 percent).

Approximately one-third (31 percent) of global tennis fans surveyed use multiple devices while watching sporting events, primarily to get more information, watch multiple matches at the same time, and interact with other fans. In addition, nearly half (47 percent) of them engage with additional content on tennis daily or weekly and rank summarisation and personalisation as the two most important features of sports content.

Chris Clements, Digital Products Lead at the All England Club, said: “Generative AI allows us to scale our ability to provide different types of content for fans wherever they are in the world in a way that’s personalised for them. This year’s new Catch Me Up feature will make it easier for fans to follow the key storylines as they emerge throughout The Championships.”

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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