Sunny Leone Unveils India’s First Official AI Replica

Amid the rapidly evolving tech landscape in entertainment, entrepreneur and actress Sunny Leone has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in collaboration with Advanced Generative AI leader Kamoto.AI. Sunny Leone has introduced India’s inaugural official AI Replica, marking a pivotal moment in the industry.
Kamoto.AI team with Sunny LeoneThe launch event took place in Mumbai, attended by the Bollywood icon herself, Kamoto.AI co-founders Toshendra Sharma and Rohendra Singh, along with numerous influencers.

Kamoto.AI’s Co-founder & CEO, Toshendra Sharma, highlighted the disruptive potential of Generative AI, emphasizing its transformative implications across everyday life and businesses. He stressed the need for the entertainment sector to embrace technology, offering fresh avenues to connect with fans nationally and internationally. Sharma expressed enthusiasm for this unique venture with Sunny Leone, hinting at more such landmarks in the pipeline.

Speaking on her excitement about the Interactive AI Replica, Sunny Leone expressed her eagerness to explore new artistic and business horizons. She praised Kamoto.AI for introducing her official AI version, aiming to strengthen her connection with fans across the nation.

Sunny Leone’s AI Replica, trained on her voice and personal data, promises a personalized experience for users. Accessible through Kamoto.AI’s AI Character Marketplace, the AI Clone allows interaction via chat or voice calls.

Additionally, enthusiasts can join Sunny Leone’s Elite Club for exclusive benefits, including opportunities to meet the actress or win merchandise. Kamoto.AI’s announcement holds significance for its potential to unlock new revenue streams through Advanced Generative AI technology. The platform simplifies the creation of virtual AI replicas through quick training on private data and monetizes them via its AI Character Marketplace.

Kamoto.AI stands as a SaaS platform enabling the creation, training, and monetization of customized AI characters. It offers celebrities and influencers the opportunity to license authentic AI replicas, fostering an innovative, interactive, and monetizable experience through its AI Character Marketplace and APIs. This digital persona aims to facilitate the unique growth of celebrities, influencers, and corporations in the digital sphere.

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