Salesforce reveals how Einstein AI is powering its CRM clients

Salesforce announced that Einstein, an AI solution for CRM, now delivers more than 80 billion AI-powered predictions every day across all Salesforce products for sales, service, marketing and commerce.
Salesforce Einstein AI
The new all digital, work-from-anywhere world has accelerated our customers’ use of Einstein to sell smarter, deepen customer relationships, scale customer support and personalize experiences, from anywhere.

Einstein Platform : More than 80 billion predictions every day across all Salesforce products (sales, service, marketing, commerce)

Einstein for Service : 300 percent increase in Einstein Bot sessions since February of this year – a 680 percent increase compared to 2019; 700 percent increase in predictions for agents assistance and service automation

Einstein for Commerce : 300 percent increase in daily predictions for Einstein for Commerce in Q3 2020

Einstein for Marketing : 67 percent increase in Einstein for Marketing Cloud daily predictions in Q3 to help marketers create more personalized messages over email and mobile channels

Einstein for Sales : 32 percent increase in converting prospects to buyers for customers using Einstein Lead Scoring by providing insights about past customer interactions

Einstein Search : More than 1.5 million natural language searches per month; 1.5 natural language searches every second; 100+ million personalized keyword searches per month

Einstein customers


Outdoor apparel and lifestyle brand Orvis has turned to Einstein for Marketing Cloud to drive stronger engagement as a greater percentage of its customers began shopping online.

Orvis uses Einstein to develop highly personalized communications for its customers, and Einstein’s capabilities ensure that they meet their customers’ expectations. For example, Orvis’ most engaged customer segment grew by 20 percent, which goes hand-in-hand with sales growth.

Since they shifted to focus on the right customer conversation with targeted email campaigns, traffic increased more than 30 percent, and click-through rates by 22 percent. Orvis also uses AI insights from its marketing efforts to build an efficient feedback loop, which enables them to respond to trends its customers are interested in 6x faster.

Internet Creations

Internet Creations, a business technology and consulting firm, has adopted Einstein to more accurately predict cash flow, and Einstein Prediction Builder to arrive at 2.5x more accurate forecasts, while taking less than one hour to build a prediction. They also adopted Einstein Bots, which led to faster response times for their customers.


Outdoor apparel retailer Icebreaker is able to scale its personalization capabilities with the help of Commerce Cloud Einstein, which leverages data science to suggest products for both existing and new shoppers across the entire shopping journey.

Icebreaker found that its shoppers clicked on Commerce Cloud Product Recommendations 40 percent more often, leading to 28 percent more revenue from recommended products and an 11 percent overall increase in average order value.

Sun Basket

Meal delivery service Sun Basket faced a sudden 50 percent spike in case volume when the pandemic hit and needed to adapt their customer service quickly. The company turned to Einstein Bots to manage the influx of customer requests.

They increased their reliance on Einstein Bots to help customers track their orders or packages, report any issues with delays or damage and get a credit or refund. The Sun Basket bots now have the same or even better Customer Effort Score (CES) than human agents (90+ percent).

IDC predicts that global spending on AI will double in the next four years – reaching $110 billion in 2024 – as companies see an opportunity to boost innovation, improve customer service and automate routine tasks so their employees can focus on more strategic work.

Marco Casalaina, SVP of Product Management and GM of Einstein, said: “The pandemic forced companies to invest in the technologies that quickly add value. Einstein does exactly this by working invisibly behind the scenes to predict customer behavior and preferences.”