Salesforce brings Slack GPT conversational AI experience

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced Slack GPT, a new conversational AI experience, for business customers.
Slack GPTSalesforce said Slack GPT, which is in beta at present, will deliver the ability to use generative AI app integrations, different language models, and the power to tap into secure customer data insights from the Customer 360 and Data Cloud. It will work with Einstein GPT to unlock the power of CRM and conversational data to make every organization more productive.

Slack GPT for Sales: Sales teams could auto-generate account channel summaries, customer recommendations, and prospect messages to work quickly and save time.

Slack GPT for Service: Service agents could solve cases and respond to customers faster with AI-generated solutions and responses, and auto-generate case summaries to share team knowledge in channels and canvases.

Slack GPT for Dev/IT: Developers could auto-scan channel activities and summarize root cause analysis, saving hours on incident management.

Slack GPT for Marketing: Marketers could auto-generate copy and images for blogs, email campaigns, social, and advertising directly into a channel for team collaboration.

Slack platform will assist customers to build no-code workflows that embed AI actions with prompts at each step, making it easy to deploy AI automation. They can integrate a large language model (LLM) from companies like OpenAI and Anthropic, or use the LLM of their choice. This includes those funded by Salesforce Venture’s generative AI fund, and in the future, Salesforce’s proprietary LLMs.

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