Moderna reveals OpenAI ChatGPT assists in productivity improvement

Moderna has revealed how its partnership with OpenAI to deploy ChatGPT Enterprise is assisting employees to improve productivity.
Moderna uses AIFirst, Moderna is using ChatGPT Enterprise for developing mRNA medicines to bring up to 15 new products to market in the next 5 years — from a vaccine against RSV to individualized cancer treatments.

Moderna has adopted a people-centric, technology-forward approach, testing new technology and innovation that can increase human capacity and clinical performance.

“We’re looking at every business process — from legal, to research, to manufacturing, to commercial — and thinking about how to redesign them with AI,” Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, said.

# Moderna had 750 GPTs across the company
# 40 percent of weekly active users created GPTs
# Each user has 120 ChatGPT Enterprise conversations per week on average

Moderna’s objective was to achieve 100 percent adoption and proficiency of generative AI by all its people with access to digital solutions in six months. Moderna assigned a team of dedicated experts to drive a bespoke transformation program. Their approach combined individual, collective and structural change management initiatives.

This work led to an early win with the launch of an internal AI chatbot tool, mChat, at the beginning of 2023. Built on OpenAI’s API, mChat was a success, adopted by more than 80 percent of employees, building a solid foundation for the adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise.

“90 percent of companies want to do GenAI, but only 10 percent of them are successful, and the reason they fail is because they haven’t built the mechanisms of actually transforming the workforce to adopt new technology and new capabilities,” Brad Miller, Chief Information Officer of Moderna, said.

Moderna’s legal team boasts 100 percent adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise.

Now, with the Contract Companion GPT, any function can get a clear, readable summary of a contract. The Policy Bot GPT helps employees get quick answers about internal policies without needing to search through hundreds of documents.

Moderna’s corporate brand team has found many ways to take advantage of ChatGPT Enterprise. They have a GPT that helps prepare slides for quarterly earnings calls, and another GPT that helps convert biotech terminology into approachable language for investor communications, Kate Cronin, Chief Brand Officer of Moderna, said.

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