Intel drones and AI to protect Great Wall of China

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Intel said its drones and AI technology will support the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation to protect and restore the Great Wall of China.

Intel said its Falcon 8+ drones will capture aerial photography of the walls to obtain 3-D images, helping teams to understand the condition of Great Wall. Intel said Artificial Intelligence (AI) data capture will create a visual representation of the Great Wall to efficiently identify sections in need of repair.

Alyson Griffin, Intel’s leader of global brand marketing, said: “It’s an example of how Intel’s artificial intelligence and drone technology can positively impact the world.”

“We are excited about the future of inspections being automated all the way from drone data capture to data processing, analysis and insights. We look forward to leveraging our technology to aid in the preservation of more world heritage sites in the future,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager, Intel’s drone team.

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