Integration of AI: A strategic imperative for organizations

Top three uses of AICompanies are eager to tap into the power of AI, but it’s not as easy as flipping a switch. Integrating AI into existing workflows is more challenging than other technologies such as cloud computing and IoT devices.

In a recent survey by IEEE, global technology leaders revealed that 47% see integrating AI into existing workflows as a top concern for deploying generative AI by 2024.

Raul Colcher, an IEEE Life Senior Member, emphasizes that new use cases of generative AI and their integration into existing systems could pose serious challenges, requiring skilled analysts and integrators.

The shortage of expertise in handling AI complicates matters. Survey respondents highlight the need for both technical skills and soft skills like prompt engineering and creative thinking for AI-related roles.

Despite the buzz around generative AI, the survey shows a cautious but upward trend. The percentage of respondents introducing or planning to introduce tools using natural language processing rose from 67% in 2023 to 70% in 2024.

Industries keen on adopting AI solutions, often those already relying on technical skills, are eyeing applications like real-time cybersecurity, streamlined supply chain efficiency, faster software development, automated customer service, and quicker job applicant screening.

In the cybersecurity realm, AI promises to automate tasks burdening human analysts, as noted by IEEE Senior Member Kayne McGladrey. For software development, automation is seen as a solution to address the shortage of human resources for coding, according to IEEE Senior Member Carmelo José Albanez Bastos Filho.

Customer service, notorious for inefficiencies, could see a significant boost from AI. IEEE Senior Member Nicholas Napp highlights the potential for AI to improve the customer service experience, reducing waste and enhancing outcomes.

In essence, adopting AI intelligently is not just a tech shift – it’s a strategic imperative. Navigating the integration process requires a balance of technical expertise and soft skills to unlock AI’s full potential in the years ahead

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