Innovations enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) tops patent filings in 2020

The need to automate business processes to improve efficiency and control costs is fueling the surge in artificial intelligence (AI) patent filings by tech giants and enterprises, says GlobalData.
Companies with AI patent filings
Tech incumbents with deep pockets are poaching top AI talent from universities to develop practical applications. In addition, AI is industry-agnostic and can complement other technologies like big data, Internet of Things and robotics, Venkata Naveen, senior disruptive tech analyst at GlobalData, said

Samsung filed the highest number of AI patents beating technology giants in the top 10 list, followed by Alphabet’s Google, Intel, IBM and Microsoft. The Korean company is expanding its research scope around AI technologies focused on improving lifestyles.

Nearly one-fourth of the patents filed by Alphabet were from AI startups like DeepMind, Waymo and Verily, which emphasizes the acquisition spree of AI startups by tech giants.

American bank Capital One has made it to the list with AI patents for automating customer support services, followed by robotics company Fanuc and optical products manufacturer Canon.

The fight for AI supremacy is clearly reflected in the patent filings by geography, with the US taking the top spot, followed by China. Half of the companies in the top 10 list are from the US while the remaining are from the Asia-Pacific – China, Japan and South Korea.