IBM Unveils AI Stories with Watsonx to Enhance Coverage of GRAMMY Awards

IBM has launched AI Stories with IBM Watsonx, a generative AI solution developed in collaboration with the Recording Academy. This innovative tool aims to generate and amplify editorial content focusing on GRAMMY nominees leading up to and during the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards.
AI Stories with watsonx on GRAMMYs social media channelsTraditionally, the Recording Academy has showcased nominees through comprehensive coverage on and various social media channels.

With the deployment of AI Stories, fueled by IBM’s AI and data platform Watsonx, Recording Academy’s editorial team gains the ability to enhance coverage of GRAMMY-nominated artists. The goal is to provide a more personalized digital experience, fostering better connection between millions of music enthusiasts and their favorite artists while also introducing them to emerging talents.

Utilizing AI Stories with Watsonx, the produced content will include social-ready assets and extended coverage distributed across GRAMMY’s digital platforms. Fans will have the opportunity to interact with the AI-generated content during live GRAMMY events, such as red carpet moments, the GRAMMY Awards Premiere Ceremony, and special features like limo and fashion cams, through an interactive widget available on

To create this AI-generated content, the Recording Academy’s editorial team will employ an AI Content Builder dashboard. This tool, hosted in the studio, utilizes AI language models trained with the Recording Academy’s own trusted data and brand guidelines. The team will engage with the dashboard through prompts, generating detailed insights on GRAMMY nominees, covering aspects such as philanthropy, cultural influence, and career highlights.

Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at IBM, highlighted AI Stories with Watsonx as a prime example of how AI can drive productivity gains in diverse applications.

Adam Roth, Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Business Development at the Recording Academy, emphasized the significance of customizing and scaling their work in preparation for Music’s Biggest Night. Roth expressed excitement about continuing the partnership with IBM and deploying solutions that unlock new possibilities for digital content and beyond during the GRAMMY season.

This announcement comes as IBM marks its seventh consecutive year as the official Cloud and AI Partner of the Recording Academy. Beyond AI Stories with Watsonx, IBM Consulting has collaborated closely with the Recording Academy and Latin Recording Academy to co-create solutions enhancing business operations and delivering a more personalized digital experience for each of its 24,000 members.

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