IBM presents new data science platform and team for AI adoption

IBM data science team for AI
IBM has introduced Cloud Private for Data, a data science and machine learning platform, to assist clients to accelerate the adoption of AI.

The new machine learning platform, powered by fast in-memory database that can ingest and analyse one million events per second, offers more insights from their data to enable users to analyse data from things like IoT sensors, online commerce, mobile devices, and more.

“We are planning to bring AI destination closer and give access to powerful machine learning and data science technologies that can turn data into game-changing insight,” Rob Thomas, general manager, IBM Analytics, said.

IT engineers can deploy Cloud Private for Data, an application layer on the Kubernetes open-source container software, in minutes. IT team can run the Cloud Private for Data on all clouds in the future. It will also be available in industry-specific solutions, for financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

IBM announced the formation of the Data Science Elite Team – a free consultancy dedicated to solving clients’ data science problems towards the deployment of AI.

IBM said the team has more than 30 people now. IBM will expand the team base to 200 over the next few years. IBM is also working with more than 50 clients on their AI adoption to boost efficiency.

Some of the members of IBM’s new Data Science Elite Team: (L-R) Annamaria Balazs, Umit Cakmak, Seth Dobrin, Susara van den Heever, Wendy Won, and Siva Anne.

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