IBM inventors received 9,262 U.S. patents in 2019

IBM has revealed that inventors received 9,262 U.S. patents in 2019, marking the technology company’s 27th consecutive year of U.S. patent leadership.
IBM John E Kelly III
In 2019, IBM led the industry in the number of U.S. patents granted across key technology areas such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, quantum computing and security.

The company has received more than 1,800 AI patents, including a method for teaching AI systems how to understand and deduce the nuances and implications behind certain text or phrases of speech by analyzing other related content.

IBM also led in the number of blockchain patents granted, which includes several patents for improving the security of blockchain networks. One patented technique would help in resisting replay attacks, where an attacker copies and uses signature information from one transaction on a blockchain to later perform other transactions on the blockchain that are not authorized.

IBM inventors received more than 2,500 patents in cloud technology, including for example a patent for a method to jointly manage cloud and non-cloud computing platforms. Working with a unified portal, this technique receives, organizes and streamlines incoming cloud and non-cloud tasks and requests, which could help organizations easily migrate to hybrid cloud platforms.

IBM said its quantum computing program continued to grow significantly in 2019. Quantum computing innovations by IBM included for example a method to scale a quantum computer to support additional qubits, as well as enabling a breakthrough approach for simulating molecules.

Among the security patents IBM received in 2019, inventors are conducting pioneering work in the area of homomorphic encryption, a technique that allows users to operate on encrypted data, without having to decrypt it first. IBM was granted a patent that developed a signature-based approach for homomorphic message encoding functions – which helps ensure authenticity of the data.

“The pace of innovation continues to accelerate and reach unprecedented levels, especially in IBM’s Labs. Technology advances – whether AI, cloud or quantum computing – will all contribute to solving the biggest challenges facing business and society,” said Dr. John E. Kelly III, executive vice president, IBM.

Since 1920, IBM has received more than 140,000 U.S. patents. This year, more than 8,500 IBM inventors, spanning 45 different U.S. states and 54 countries contributed to the patents awarded to IBM.

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