HR technology co Talview taps Microsoft for Chatbot

microsoft-cloud-for-enterprisesTalview, a talent assessment technology platform, has tied up with Microsoft to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in recruitment.

Talview’s Qton, a Talent Assistant Chatbot — built on Microsoft’s Bot Framework & Luis NLP, is expected to make a significant impact in recruitment automation by improving the hiring process and enhancing the experience for the candidates.

Sanjoe Jose, CEO of Talview, said: “Talview Chatbot technology adds tremendous value to the recruiting process and cements our rapidly growing leadership role in the industry.”

Talview claims that the chatbot allows for a reduction in man-hours spent early in the recruitment. The chatbot identifies and fast-tracks the best candidates to the next phase of the recruitment process. The chatbot creates an impact on employer marketing and messaging which assists in connecting the candidate to the company’s brand.

The platform helps candidates by providing convenience and a superior experience as they do not have to take a day off or spend time travelling to a recruiter’s location for preliminary interviews. It improves the quality of hiring significantly and reduced the recruitment costs considerably.

Talview’s platform uses artificial intelligence and cloud services to help client speed up hiring and reduce turnaround time. It also uses video analyses, social-media analyses and speech recognition to enable companies build better teams and gain a competitive edge.

Rajiv Sodhi, general manager, Partner Ecosystem, Microsoft India, said: “Leveraging the power of Azure and the Microsoft bot platform, Qton from Talview will help organizations source, engage, screen and select quality talent more quickly.”

Talview, in association with Microsoft, also built Proview, an intelligent remote proctoring tool, which implements 18 different automated checks within the video, audio, and screen feed of candidates.