How Microsoft is building its AI business in India

Microsoft event on AIMicrosoft India showcased its latest artificial intelligence (AI) solutions — as part of its strategy to win more clients — at its AI for All conference in Bengaluru.

Microsoft India said it is helping 650 India-based partners to use the Microsoft cognitive services, IoT, AI and machine learning platforms to build solutions.

Microsoft and its partners deployed AI solutions in areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and financial services.

Microsoft also announced a partnership with Forus Health, a Bengaluru-based technology company focusing on retinal imaging devices, to leverage AI capabilities for early detection of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma & macular degeneration.

“Our partners are creating inclusive solutions designed to solve local societal and business problems,” Anant Maheshwari, president, Microsoft India, said.

Microsoft partners and customers in India are using and/or offering AI-based solutions across scenarios including customer segmentation and life time value assessment, demands forecasting, multifactor customer identification system, omnichannel analytics, fraud detection and credit risk assessment, and remote monitoring among others.

Hitachi Micro is developing facial biometric customer identification systems for banks, to make face the ID for users to access their accounts and make transactions. This will improve the overall user experience and safety for customer.

Hitachi Micro is using Microsoft’s AI based solutions for creating facial recognition and patient authentication platforms for healthcare organizations.

Parking solution provider WorldWide Parking, which has offices in 16 countries, deployed a parking solution using Azure IoT.

WittyParrot Word widget, a solution provider for knowledge workers to create word documents by assembling pre-built and compliant content, is using Microsoft’s Azure cloud offering and other technologies.

Gurugram-based start-up BrainifAI is creating solutions to ensure cab safety by tracking drivers and passengers. This includes detection of soberness of drivers and escorts, as well as in-cab physical threats.

Ola Play, a connected car platform for ride-sharing, uses Microsoft AI and IoT to enhance driver experiences with telematics and navigation guidance; passenger experiences with cloud-based infotainment and productivity; and provide auto manufacturers with custom digital experiences for their customers.

E-commerce company Flipkart is leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics capabilities in Azure, such as Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI, to optimize its data for innovative merchandising, advertising, marketing, product discovery, content moderation, pricing and customer service.

ShepHertz, the Gurugram-based tech start-up serving 65k customers across 150 countries and processing 111+ billion API calls, is using Microsoft Azure to provide social listening tools such as sentiment analytics, machine learning tools such as chatbots, prediction analytics and face recognition for visitor management, attendance and intruder detection. ShepHertz also uses Power BI for AI and big data visualization and reporting.

Mumbai-based ZingHR is helping businesses address the talent acquisition and retention challenges by operating on Microsoft Azure’s machine learning, cognitive, analytics, voice Bots and social listening capabilities.

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