How innovations from AI improve business efficiency?

Data has become the leading factor explaining the advanced analysis of data and its pattern within Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the hardware of the Internet of Things (IoT).
Things are changing quickly, and because of the place of technology in everyday life, it almost feels like there is a new technology being launched every day. It is not like we are complaining, because technology has in many ways made life easier. However, if you are not on toes with the rapid changes and the new technology, you might be left in an analog space for such a long time. Lucky for you, we have compiled seven high-tech innovations from AI that you need to know about.

Speech recognition

Given the tremendous popularity of voice search technology on Google, it is impossible to deny that speech and technology have a lot to do with each other. Technology, like Siri, can understand what users are saying. The idea with AI in speech recognition is to transcribe human language, reaching thousands of people through voice-response interactive systems and mobile applications. As it is right now, people are so much hooked on their mobile devices because of the power of speech recognition. Companies like NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText and Verint Systems have already set the pace with executing this technology.


The health sector has also had some input from AI technologies in the line of Biometrics. The technology is useful in observing human behavior and physical aspects of the body’s structure and form, for analysis to make actionable insights. The technology is such a big deal in the market research, given its usefulness in stirring more natural interactions related to touch, image, speech, and body language recognition, between human beings and machines.

Cyber Defense

Data security is one very crucial area for businesses, which explains why cloud solutions like are popular. In matters of Cyber Defense, AI has intervened a great deal. Technically, the technology provides business owners with useful intelligence that helps in preventing, detecting, and providing timely responses to attacks or threats. This way, a company can keep their defenses up and cover up any security loopholes likely to compromise their networks.

Content creation

The online world has put a lot of pressure on people to come up with such fantastic content pieces that merit attention from different people. Content marketers are trying every day to diversify their material by trying out videos, ads, blog posts, white papers, infographics, and other visual or written assets as ways to make their content better than their competitors. Thanks to AI content creation has a boost from technology, where SaaS tools like Wordsmith, Wibbitz, among others, are helping publishers create videos from written content in minutes, among other content types.


If you already have a website for your brand, then you are aware of the Chatbots technologies. They are the perfect way for companies to interact with their visitors and help them transition through the customer journey. With Chatbots, you do not need to worry too much about the traffic that finds a way to your website or even concern yourself with gathering a lot of feedback, because they are very resourceful for collecting information and analyzing it for the actionable insights you need to move forward in your business.

Inexpensive, Fast Storage

Automation has helped a great deal in data management. Developers are coming up with cloud solutions that people can enjoy conveniently and speedily. Since cloud service providers rely on a solid-state drive (SSD), and it is low-cost, then it explains why is an increased decline in the cost and improving performance of the storage technologies.

Practical application of AI and machine learning

Last in this list is the practical application of AI and machine learning. It is undeniable that the practicality of technology in the modern day is so real. The AI and machine learning application have gone into real-world activities like driving a car, analyzing speech, translating language, modeling data, to mention a few.

There is a lot to thank technology for, but with AI, the world is yet to experience the very best of technology.

Yadawanka Pal

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