How Casino Industry Can Improve Customer Experience by Deploying AI and ML

The integrated casino industry stands on the cusp of a revolutionary era, propelled by the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
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AI and ML offer solutions to challenges faced by the industry, promising enhanced operational efficiency and unprecedented guest experiences. However, their successful integration necessitates a strategic approach and alignment between IT and business objectives.

To guide technology leaders through this journey, Info-Tech Research Group has unveiled its latest research, the AI/ML Use Case Library for Integrated Casino Resorts. This comprehensive blueprint equips industry leaders with invaluable insights and strategies essential for leveraging AI and ML effectively, thereby revolutionizing both the gaming and hospitality sectors.

Elizabeth Silva, Senior Research Analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, emphasizes the need for a digital strategy to navigate the transformative impact of AI and ML in integrated casinos. Elizabeth Silva underscores the importance of collaboration between gaming and integrated resorts’ business and technology leaders to formulate tactical plans aligned with strategic goals, paving the way for exponential IT growth.

“An effective AI and ML transformation plan executed within the next one to two years can define the next one to two decades for the industry,” Elizabeth Silva said.

Info-Tech’s research sheds light on the formidable challenges of modernization within the gaming and hospitality sector, emphasizing the imperative of compelling business cases to justify the substantial investments required for AI and ML initiatives. With frequent delays and budget overruns posing significant risks to project success, strategic planning and resource allocation emerge as paramount in navigating the complexities of modernization within the industry.

The AI/ML use case library crafted by Info-Tech is poised to expedite the identification and development of transformative AI and ML initiatives, facilitating the digital transformation journey for integrated casino resorts. The research delineates several key areas where AI and ML can exert substantial influence:

Guest Attraction: Leveraging AI and ML for data-driven decision-making and advanced technologies to enhance property appeal and optimization, thereby increasing guest interest.

Guest Entertainment: Utilizing emerging technologies to enhance the quality of activities and amusements, captivating guests and fostering engagement.

Guest Retention: Harnessing AI to cultivate meaningful interactions with guests, fostering engagement and cultivating recurring experiences through exceptional operations.

Back of House: Implementing technologies to optimize the employee experience, simplifying tasks and enhancing job satisfaction.

Furthermore, Info-Tech’s research elucidates how AI can streamline manual tasks, saving valuable time and costs, and allowing integrated casino resorts to reallocate resources for enhancing guest interactions. By harnessing the transformative power of AI and ML, these resorts stand to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation.

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